Even though Camarillo is like most of Southern California, pretty dry most of the year, flash floods, plumbing and sewer can create a nightmare out of water faster than you think. Especially when it comes to “black water” or septic situations, a professional’s help should be the first thing you seek when the waters are rising. The expert water extraction technicians at Camarillo Water Damage have the equipment and knowledge to control any type of wet situation and make things safe and comfortably dry quickly.

Emergency Flood Team

While other companies close their doors overnight, Camarillo Water Damage is avilable to aid in your water damage crisis 24/7. Don’t let water sit in your home or Camarillo office when help is only a phone call away. Every moment lost is an opportunity for damage to increase. Independent research has shown that the critical window to intervene in a flood situation is within 36 hours of the initial saturation. After that point, your property may require extensive disposal of wall material, flooring, carpets, furniture or possible gutting to bring it back to a habitable state. If the water you’re dealing with is from a sewer or septic source, the dangers become even more complicated as standing water becomes a breeding ground for lethal bacteria and molds that require extensive measures to counteract.

Save yourself money by acting early. Our 24/7 service is here to help you get out of whatever rainy day your wading through.

Call us now for water damage assistance at (805)-419-9600

Tested and Approved Technology

Camarillo Water Damage uses proprietary methods that go above and beyond IICRC protocol for water extraction. Using state of the art diesel powered pumps and submersible units, we’re able to get water out quicker and more efficiently than our competitors, even when dealing with a standing flood. Once pooling water is removed, our army of air movers will have moisture quickly wicking away from porous surfaces like upholstery, carpeting or walls.

As we work, we’ll be dehumifying the air to prevent moisture from settling elsewhere and actively filtering air to improve quality and reduce odor with our HEPA air scrubbing system. Once moisture is removed, we’ll take measures to eliminate molds and bacteria that may have taken hold and finally restore color damaged surfaces back to their original luster.

Damage Restoration Methods

  • Initial Assessment and categorization for insurance claim
  • Containment of Water Damage
  • Water Extraction
  • Evaporation of wicking moisture
  • Dehumidifier system
  • Air purification
  • Sterilization of affected areas
  • Restoration of water damaged surfaces
  • Follow up of repairs
  • Assistance with insurance claim filing

Emergency Flood Team Camarillo

Camarillo, CA

Phone: (805) 419-9600