Once the fire crews have left, you’re left with the tedious work of restoring what fire has destroyed. Not only can this process be incredibly overwhelming, it can be hard to navigate on your own. That’s why Camarillo Fire Damage is here for you from start to finish. The  moment you call us for your restoration project we’ll help you sort through what’s salvageable and what needs replacing. We’ll work with you and your insurance company to quickly bring your residence or office back to life, better than before. Whether it’s a small kitchen fire or a near-loss whole building blaze, the Fire Restoration Technicians in Camarillo can help.
Part of the difficulty in cleaning after a fire on your own lies in the complexity of smoke byproducts. Soot and ash are the most obvious products and can usually be cleaned rather easily. However, smoke and the residues it transports can much more difficult to remove without professional help. Because smoke moves through small openings in walls, through ducts, plumbing and through insulation, you may be dealing with odor of smoke for a long time after the fire if you don’t seek qualified Camarillo professionals.

Call us for an estimate on your fire damage project or for 24/7 assistance with your Camarillo fire damage recovery at (805) 419-9600.

Why do I need a professional?

At Camarillo Fire Damage, we have the right combination of tools, experience and chemistry for complete fire damage removal and restoration. As a LEED approved company, our technicians think of your safety and the health of the environment as a top priority when approaching their work, which means you’ll never struggle with tough chemicals or the need to constantly abandon your home while we work.

Our revolutionary techniques gently remove signs of damage. After thorough cleansing, our ozone generator will neutralize offensive odors, even in tough places like curtains, or carpets. Burn marks on Camarillo walls or cabinets? Our DryICE system uses microscopic frozen crystal to gently abrade the surface of your damaged item, removing the burn without noticeably impacting the integrity of the surface.

If you’re working with a California insurance company, we can also help substantiate your claim by assembling a damage inventory that we’ll pass onto your agent. This can eliminate headaches as you decide what things will need to be replaced or repaired.

Finally, our approved technicians are IICRC certified to work with Fire Damaged surfaces that resist traditional approaches to cleaning. Even things that look unrecoverable may be restored by our Camarillo Fire Damage technicians.

Fire Recovery Services

  • Damage Assessment & Inventory
  • Boarding up of compromised windows,walls, doors
  • Containment and sealing of affected burn areas
  • Soot and Ash Removal
  • Smoke Odor Ozonation
  • Residue Cleaning
  • Burn Removal
  • Complete restoration solutions
  • Insurance Claim Assistance

You can trust the Fire Restoration Technicians at Camarillo Fire Damage to help you navigate the complex process of picking up the pieces after a fire. Call our Camarillo office today, (805) 419-9600.

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