If you and your family have survived a fire breakout, congratulations because you are one of the 18300 people who have gone through a fire incident in US and come out alive. Now that you are safe and healthy, it’s time for you to think about what you are going to be doing about the damage done to your house. Because fire residue and other structural damages can be tough to correct on your own, it would be best if you call a professional fire damage restoration company. Though the house may look like it can never go to its previous state, things can become a lot better if you take action quickly.

For those who haven’t gone through such a life changing incident, be sure to be careful when you are in the kitchen because 66% fire accidents happen because of unattended stoves. You can also prevent fire incidents by making sure that your fire alarm and sprinkles are working properly because these two things won’t just alert the authorities but can also help the fire from spreading out.

If you have made the decision to call a professional for help, you are on the right track because Camarillo Fire Damage Restoration is the only company that will be able to do satisfactory work.

Fire Damages
A damage restoration company needs to be contacted immediately because the longer you wait, the more pronounced the following damages will become:
● Collection of smoke water and soot
● Charred and wet surfaces of the house
● Structural damages due to firefighting efforts
● Disfigured plastic and metal goods due to high temperature
● Broken windows and doors due to flame and heat impact
● Heavy smoke odor
● Charred clothes curtains, carpets and books
● Electric and water work damage

Safety tips
You can enter your house or office building even after the fire had been extinguished because poisonous fumes and structural damage occupy the area. If the fire was severe and the structure has been compromised, the ceiling may fall down when you are inside. You should always wait for a safety signal from a fire marshal. Here are few precautions that you should take in a fire-damaged building if you have been allowed to enter.

● Wear a pair of disposable glove and face mask to avoid contact with smoke and soot.
● Open all doors and windows to vent out toxic air.
● Do not touch anything that is charred or has heavy soot sitting on it.
● Make a list of items that are undamaged by fire.
● Do not take a lighter or candle inside the house, use torch instead.
● Walk wall to wall so if anything falls from the damaged construction, it does not harm you.

Professionals at Camarillo Fire Damage
Professionals at Camarillo’s provide you with standardized services so when the work is done, you do not feel like your house went through a fire chaos. Salient features of our company include:
● 24-hour emergency services
● Licensed and certified
● We hire professionals which are certified by IICRC
● Our equipment is industrial grade for quick and efficient clean up
● We accept billing from all insurance companies
● Shortest restoration time span
● Affordable packages for renovation.
● We keep our customers well informed at every step of the cleanup process.

Fire damage cleanup becomes difficult if the restoration work does not begin within 24 to 48 hours. So what are you waiting for? Dial (805) 603-4640 and leave the rest to us.

You can also locate us at Camarillo CA, 93010-7931.

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